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Bowser Battle - Download (?)

Bowser Battle

This stage is based on the final boss area in Bowser's Castle from New Super Mario Bros. The upper right platform makes for potentially awesome king of the hill matches.

Mother Ship - Download (?)

Mother Ship

This is loosely based on the Space Pirate Mother Ship from Metroid: Zero Mission! There are three tiers for you to fight on!

Main Cannon #2 - Download (?)

Main Cannon #2

This is based on the Main Cannon #2 fight from Kirby Super Star! The right side of the stage can be hazardous if you're not careful when climbing/jumping up.

Chozodia - Download (?)


This is loosely based on the area outside the Power Grip room from Metroid: Zero Mission! This stage requires some effort when climbing from the lower part to the upper part so take care when brawling!

Shaft - Download (?)


Don't fall!

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